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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Produce from Wiens Shared Collective Farm!!!

For the Manitoba 100 mile dieters, the new produce is in for people who bought a farm share from the Wiens Shared Collective Farm. The produce is also available on weekends at the St. Norbert Farmer's Market. (from the newsletter)This week we got beautiful:

LETTUCE; Romaine, and Red leaf. Salad it up while it lasts. The +30 heat has stressed some of these babies to begin to flower. Chop up, dunk in cold water, dry, and refrigerate to last you for the week.

ONIONS are green, the bottoms are onions. Imagine that. You will see them get bigger week by week.

DILL, mmmm potato salad and dips.

BASIL, the grasshopper’s love it too, wash before making pesto.

GARLIC SCAPES, the curly stalk that is delicious to chop up and fry up in a stir fry. These are the flowers to your fall garlic. Exceptional flavour indeed.

CILANTRO, there is plenty to yummy cilantro taste in the stalk. Chop up fine and add to your dish.

Enjoy your veggies.

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