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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Building burgers with Turkish Baharat

(photo by Desmond)
Featured in photo: Elk burger with Turkish Baharat and Fennel Sausage on Naan Bread from Halal Meats and Specialty Foods with Caramelized onions with new spice blend: Mitmita.

I took 2 pounds ground elk (you can use beef or bison as well)
2 Fennel Sausages from De Luca's
2 heaping tablespoons Turkish Baharat
1 tsp. Sea Salt
2 tablespoons pomegranate molasses.

Mix all ingredients by hand and form into 1/4 lb patties. The spice blend gives it a flavour of Turkish kofta, the pomegranate adds a lovely tang and the fennel sausage has a wonderful flavour and aroma that when served in naan or pide with the yoghurt tahini sauce, you are transported to the Mediterranean.

Nice Summer enjoyment!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bison Filet with Saskatoon pan sauce

(Photo by Desmond)

Saskatoons are beautifully in season right now in the Prairies. They also freeze well to make this sauce at any time of the year. Also featured in the photo are oven baked yam "fries".

4 small Bison filets (medallions or small steaks)
olive oil

When sauce is prepared, grill tenderloin pieces for less than 3 minutes a side, depending on size, turning for grill marks. Allow meat to rest before cutting.

Saskatoon sauce
1 medium onion, thinly sliced
1 1/2 cups Saskatoons, fresh or frozen
1 tbs Dijon mustard
1 tsp thyme
3-5 juniper berries, crushed
1-2 tbs olive oil
1/2 tsp freshly ground pepper
couple pinches salt (I used red clay Hawaiian for this recipe but try different kinds)
1 tbs butter
1/2 cup scotch whiskey*

Sauté onion in olive oil until translucent. Add thyme and crushed juniper berries. Stir in Saskatoon berries and mustard, salt and pepper and let cook down. Add scotch and butter and cook until simmering and Saskatoon berries are soft. Remove from heat. When cooled a bit, use an immersion blender or other food processor and blend until smooth. Bring up to temperature when meat is ready to rest. Place bison pieces on plate and spoon Saskatoon sauce over meat.


*the Scotch and the juniper berries add to the wild flavour of the bison. Elk or beef can also be used. Cognac or port could be substituted but they have more sugars.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

A new spice blend in town - Turkish Spice Blend – Baharat

Turkish Spice Blend – Baharat

I had the good fortune to work for a while on a small boat in Turkey as a chef/sailor. I was reminded of the spices and herbs there that brought out the flavours of the Mediterranean Sun and the Aegean Sea. I’m now offering a spice blend that can be used for a variety of recipes to follow on my blog. Turkish Baharat can be used on chicken, lamb, seafood, and grilled veggies, especially eggplant.

Contact me directly or look for this blend in stores.

(photo by Desmond, also featured grilled Organic Manitoba Asparagus)

Grilled Turkish Chicken on Pide (Serves 2-4 people)

4 Boneless skinless chicken thighs
2 tbs Turkish Baharat*
3-4 shallots, grated or one small onion grated
2 tsp lime juice
1/4 cup good olive oil
1/4 tsp paprika (can used smoked)
pinch salt and pepper

Combine Turkish Baharat, grated shallots, lime juice, olive oil, paprika and salt and pepper in a bowl. Place chicken thighs in the bowl and cover completely with the marinade. Place in fridge and let marinate for 6 hours. Grill 4 minutes a side on a very hot BBQ grill.

To enjoy in a Pide, let chicken pieces rest before cutting into strips. Grill Naan or Pide** on BBQ and spread on a bit of yoghurt tahini sauce (recipe follows).

Yoghurt tahini sauce

1/2 cup good plain yoghurt
1 clove garlic, minced
3 heaping tbs tahini
2 tsp lemon or lime juice
pinch salt

Mix all ingredients together. The tahini will cause the sauce to thicken quickly. Use on grilled Pide or Naan or as a crudité dip.


*Baharat is a blend of spices that can be purchased directly through myself or coming soon to a few Winnipeg retail shops.

**Good Naan or Pide can be found at Halal Meat Centre and Specialty Foods at 206 Maryland and Dino's Grocery Mart at 460 Notre Dame Avenue in Winnipeg.