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Friday, May 26, 2006

Favourite Things

I am enjoying new tastes and challenges of new flavours. I am enjoying experimenting with flavour sensations. Some new tastes have been from trying items from my favourite stores. For example, the lemon roasted almonds, fresh dates, pine honey and saffron cotton candy that I have tried recently from the Halal Meat Centre & Specialty Foods store at 206 Maryland St. in Winnipeg are new delights. The pine honey takes me back to the intense flavours of the Aegean that I had as a chef/sailor in Turkey. The lemon roasted almonds are such a delight. I highly recommend them. Try a splash of Orange blossom water instead of vanilla in your French Toast or pancakes.

The colossal wild caught scallops that I have from Gimli Fish Market at 596 Dufferin Ave. are wonderful and juicy quickly grilled (recipe coming soon) as are the fresh pickerel fillets grilled in parchment paper (recipe coming soon).

Exploring and trying new tastes from Dino's Grocery Mart at 460 Notre Dame Ave. in Winnipeg from snacks and spices to a wide variety of sauces keeps me challenged and delighted.

The whole world of flavours is in your front yard and your back yard. The possibilities for delight are everywhere.


(photo by Google Images)

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