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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Salt-Baked whole Arctic Char!

I was eager to try this out with our lovely local Arctic Char. So delicious and moist and very easy to do.

Salt-Baked Arctic Char

1 Medium whole Arctic Char*
4 - 5 cups Course Sea Salt
3 tbs ground Lemon Grass*
1 whole egg, beaten
1/4 cup water
Parchment Paper

Preheat oven to 400º. Fit parchment paper on to baking sheet and place whole fish on the paper. In a bowl, mix salt and lemon grass together. Add egg amd water to make a paste with the salt but not too much as to dissolve the salt. Pack the salt mixture over the fish. Bake at 400º for up to 20 minutes. The salt will start to brown slightly when done. Remove from the oven and crack open the salt dome. Brush aside the salt and place on a platter. Peel away the skin of the fish and you should have very moist, flavourful fish.

Some variations can include using other fresh herbs in the salt or smoky dry teas.

*Beautiful Arctic Char now available at Gimli Fish, located in Winnipeg at 596 Dufferin Ave., 625 Pembina Hwy and 1604 St. Mary's Rd. Call ahead and ask for a whole fish to for fresh purchase on Fridays.
** Ground Lemon Grass is available in Winnipeg in the freezer section at Dino's Grocery Mart at 460 Notre Dame Avenue.


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