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Friday, May 07, 2010

Non-Dairy - a taste test

Recently, when it became possible that my newborn might be lactose intolerant, Fresh Option Organic Delivery, aka FOOD, gave me three non-dairy products to sample. These were soy and brown rice products. My first trial was Silk, a descriptive name for a smooth and very enjoyable beverage. It was, like having a nice milkshake and I had the whole container throughout the day. Definitely a winner but as a treat and likely not a main beverage. The second place for flavour and texture was the So Nice product. A cold glass of it tasted like milk. Having it in my breakfast granola brought out the more soy taste that didn't come out drinking it straight. Also, having it warmed in the evening with some honey was pleasant.

My last trial was Ryza. For me, it didn't have a lot to do with substituting for dairy. Thinking of dairy, this is not enjoyable. You have to remove the concept of dairy and take Ryza as a product unto itself. If you think of anything dairy, you will likely not enjoy this product. However, if you consider it a beverage or cooking medium, it is enjoyable. It won't be my first choice but there are some excellent choices available. Call FOOD at 774-1479 or check out their website

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Indonesia-Eats said...

I haven't bought milk for almost two years. Lately, I use almond beverage