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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Party fare with pairings from the MLCC

I had the great pleasure of participating as the caterer for an event with the MLCC. I gave them the recipe items and they paired them beautifully with their selections. This is always a great choice for home entertaining. Many of these items have been featured previously on this blog, such as tapenade, spanikopita, Kerala Shrimp, etc.

Happy New Year and Enjoy!

Menu & Product Selection

Station 1 Mediterranean
Patliçan Yogürtlü (Turkish yoghurt eggplant dish with baguettes), Stuffed Grape leaves, Tapenade Crostini, Spanikopita Triangles

Paired with:

Deus Brut de Flandres

Magner’s cider mulled with Spiced tea, ½ pints Bulldog Beer

Station 2 Asian
Vietnamese Salad Rolls, Sashimi Spoons with grilled Udon, Samosas, Kerala Shrimp

Paired with:

Tantalus Riesling VQA

Henry of Pelham Cuvee Catharine Brut VQA

Cedar Creek Pinot Noir VQA

Station 3 Chef’s choices
Bison or Elk Tenderloin Carpaccio served with a Blood Orange Vinaigrette on Crostini, Shitake Mushroom Toasts, Caucasus Belgian Endive, Caviar Station

Paired with:

Ginger Crown (Crown Royal, ginger beer cocktail)

Chambord Kir (Chambord Liqueur & Sparkling cocktail)

Navan Nog ( Navan Liquer & Eggnog cocktail)

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