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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tonight's Menu

I'm excited about the dinner that I'm serving for a small event tonight. Thank you Ivan from the Pritchard Ave. MLCC for the pairings.

• Fresh Oysters with Mignonette sauce
• Ahi Tuna Udon spoons
• Blue Potato latkes with crème fraiche and golden caviar
• Morel and Porcini mushroom bouchés

Appetizers and Salad Pairings

# 158493 Segura Viudas Brut... a dry sparkler from Spain. Nice fruit and not overly toasty.
# 6799 Emeri Moscato Sparkling..... a slightly sweet sparkler. The moscato grape has a slight orange / mandarin tone to it, which would be a nice compliment to the salad.
# 73783 Erban Spatlese QBA.... a revived German white that we had a few years ago, that got relisted. Slightly sweet with a great nose and round mouth feel.

• Roasted Golden beet with Spring baby greens and pomegranate vinaigrette

(photo by Desmond)

• Pesto escargot

Entrees and Side Dishes Pairings

# 5793 Chocolan Carmenere ...... a merlot on steroids! Big and bold. Loads of dark cherry, spice and some smoke.
# 313825 J. Lohr 7 Oaks Cabernet or # 587956 Trius Cabernet Reserve.... I gave you two because the first may be out of stock. Either is great. Good backbone, smooth tannins and loads of fruit.
# 865634 A-Mano Primativo..... an Italian from the southern area. A direct cousin to the Zinfandel, spicy mid bodied and a bit peasant like. The tannins would be smoothed out by the Osso Bucco.
# 574236 Erdinger Dunkel Wiesbier..... a German porter style wheat beer. Has a sweet aftertaste and body that will compliment the side dishes and highlight the main .

• Elk Osso Bucco
• Imam Baldi (Turkish eggplant dish)
• Roasted sweet potatoes

(photo by Karen)

• Dark Callabaut Creams with Pavlova and Manitoba Strawberry sauce

Dessert Pairings

# D.D. Leobard Iced Strawberry Dessert Wine.... will compliment the berry.
# 4976 Schmitt and Sohne BeerenAuslese..... a close cousin to an icewine. Sweet, creamy and really fruity. A fair bit of honey on the mouth. Will go with anything.

Cheese course

• Bleu des Causses
• Brillat-Savarin
• Cave-aged Gruyere
• Trappist
• Fresh Dates and Green apple slices
• Baguettes

With the cheese plate, you must go with a port. Nothing else will do! I suggest two styles.... # 271585 Bin 27 LBV Port or # 801209 De Bortoli 8 YR. Tawny. The Bin 27, the more traditional, has got great flavour and style and will match the robust cheeses with a sweet nature. The Tawny will be more woody and the " burnt " nature will bring out the texture and flavour of the selections.


Elatia Harris said...

What lucky people! How do I get invited next time?

Tell me what you think of this idea. In Normandy many years ago I had some of the classic Normande cheeses paired with hard cider. It was in someone's house, and just perfect, although I would not have thought of it and have not done it since. Would it be a hard sell on a festive menu?

Karen Food said...

It sounds absolutely festive! The dark beer that was paired with this menu was perfect. The hard cider is wonderful with those cheeses. Was it a summer event?

Sharon said...

Thank-you Karen for a fabulous evening! We all really enjoyed it.