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Thursday, January 18, 2007

National Geographic Ads 1934

I found these ads for Coca Cola and Corn Flakes in a 1934 National Geographic. The small print isn't too easy to read but I just loved these for what they emphasize. Click on the photo for a larger version to read the text. The Corn Flakes suggests their product as a supper for children. Also, why did the NRA endorse the Corn Flakes product? Coca Cola is so pure and natural.

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Marina Shusterman said...

Hay Karen,
Nice ads, and love the Kerala Crab- yum.
Well, immigration is not that easy. Most companies don't understand nor do they think it’s worth the time to do the immigration (two months plus to get the possible OK). I have a degree in business and have various types of prior work experience. Including event planning, computer programming, and office management. I have switched careers often (not the best background for immigration). Where so you work? We live in Osborne village. Where in the city do you reside? Anyway, Karen I am flying back home to NY March 20th right after our wedding social, and planning to work there for a month or so. Be well and love all ur recipes. Your on an India kick latterly- with a wonderful looking thali too.